Since its formation six years ago, our group has grown substantially from a small set up to international companies. Our activities are focused on different fields. We strive to provide the best products and services at competitive price to stimulate growth and modernization in Germany, Canada, Sudan, Chad, Kenya and Dubai where we are located. Our success is due to years of experience in Import & Export business. We work hard to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

The group are chaired by Mr. Hussain Suliman Global Trade Marketplace “GTM” (GmbH is a "limited company" registered in Frankfurt/M, Germany under the German Law GTM has also branches, offices and partners in other places in the world. African & European Marketplace (AEM) L.L.C in Dubai and African & European Marketplace (AEM) CO. Ltd in Sudan, German Group for Services & Consultancy in Sudan and Germany

The group is closely co-operating with the leading German and international manufacturers and consultant companies in a different fields.

The group has about 30 employees around the world working on full-time or part-time basis

The German Group for Services & Consultancy (GGSC) Group of Companies (GTM GmbH Germany, AEM Sudan and Dubai, GGSC) has played an active role in business in Africa, the Arab World and Far East countries for more than 6 years. Specialized in supply and engineering activities, concentrating on turn-key projects (Land & Airport transportations “Roads, Bridges, Airport”, Social infrastructure “Hospitals & Clinics, School & Training centers”, Building structure and industrial plants, Environmental “Waste Management and waste transfer stations, water resources Management “water supply, sanitation and urban Drainage”, Earth moving machines, workshops, Oilfields: “Drilling services rigs for oil, Mud engineering & Mud logging, Drilling bits at solid control equipment, Water equipments & tankers, High quality welding services, Food security, Health safety & Environmental”, Telecommunication “VSAT, Mobile, Internet”, IT, Networking and the supply of capital goods for industry, infrastructure, agriculture, health and educational institutions (GGSC) guarantees competence and reliability.

In a fast-moving, globalizes business world these are the key factors to success - and of great benefit to our customers

At our head office in Frankfurt, Germany & Khartoum, Sudan the General Management consists of Mr. Hussain Suliman (Chairman & CEO), Prof. Dr.-Eng. Hans Reinke (for the consulting company “GGSC-WSI Consulting”) Structural Consultant. The total number of staff members in Khartoum, Dubai as well as in our affiliated companies is approximately 30.

The affiliated companies are limited companies, operate independently and grant competent technical and administrative support to clients. They are equipped with service and repair workshops as well as spare parts stores.

Throughout our history of involvement in the various regions we have developed expertise in:

Consultancy “Engineering Sectors”
Air Transportation „Airport Planning, Airport Engineering“, Land Transportation „Roads, Bridges, Railways and tracked transportation systems, Transportation planning“, Oil and Gas „Pipelines, pumping and compressor stations,Terminals,Tank farms and storage facilities“, Building structures & Industrial Plants“ Large building, housing complexes and civil centres, Industrial plants, large workshops and stores”, Social Infrastructures “Hospitals and clinics“, School and training centres, Environmental planning, Solid and hazardous waste disposal, Noise and air pollution, vibrations, Ecological protection, landscaping“, Water resources Management “Water supply, Sanitation and urban drainage, Hydraulic engineering, Ports and waterways, hydropower plants“, Sugar field, Cement Field Project Management)